It looks like your property is a beautiful wedding venue.

What seasons are the best for weddings there?

springtime under the oaks at Rough and Ready Vineyards, a beautiful wedding venue year-roundRough & Ready Vineyards truly is a beautiful wedding venue; it is an amazing backdrop for any event! While it is beautiful year-round, it does look different seasonally as we move through the year.

In spring, it is bright green and simply vibrant! As the daffodils begin to bloom, their yellow greeting can be seen throughout the property. The oak tree leaves are a lighter, brighter green before they settle into their normal medium green hue. New life can be seen throughout the property as other flowers and bushes welcome the warmth and sun that defines spring. Even the moss on our many rocks is amazingly vibrant! Many brides want beautiful spring weddings and the property definitely easily fits the bill!

Summer brings more growth and everything fills in fully. This is when the meadows and gardens are in their prime. The grapes are growing along with the trees and plants in the garden and throughout the entire 16 acres. Mornings often give us views of wildlife (deer and a wide variety of birds) along with their new babies, and foals recently born to the neighboring horses as well. With warmer days, sweaters are put away and time outside is spent lingering on the porches, walking through the grass, and enjoying the beauty of the trees.

In the fall, everything begins to sport a golden hue. Our pastures are long since golden and other areas around our property begin to join them. The sunlight is at it’s photogenic best for late afternoon photoshoots and we welcome the cool breeze that often begins as the sun sets. Late season flowers are blooming their final blooms and we are harvesting the grapes as we look forward to the crush. Fall weddings often feature sunflowers and hay bales, as we truly move into what it feels like to be a farm or vineyard venue.

Winter weddings are rare, but every now and then we do have a request. Although in hibernation, there is a stunning beauty to the bare trees, vines, and fields. Mornings sparkle from the frost in the fields in contrast to the vibrant red guesthouse that stands out now without the covering the trees provide. While we do have wet and cold days, if there is no weather system, our days are full of bright sunshine and brilliant blue skies.

So yes, we do have a beautiful wedding venue and are so thankful for that! The best season depends on what you are looking for. As you can see, every season is different, and we welcome you to join us for a tour at any time! We can show you photos of beautiful weddings we’ve had the privilege of hosting as we work with you to see if we are just the right venue for you too!


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