I Am Moment Productions Will Capture Each Cherished Moment

Photo still from Josh and Bryna's wedding video, created by I Am Moment Productions

Mardie Caldwell

March 1, 2022

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Your photographer and videographer are vital parts of your wedding, as they allow you to remember and relive your big day. So you want to be sure to have someone you have complete confidence in capturing the magic of your wedding day.
It’s also important to find a photographer and videographer that makes you feel comfortable and at ease because your mood will show through in your video and photos. A good wedding photographer and videographer will allow you and your partner to enjoy your special day and not worry about if the big moments are captured or not.
With over nine years of experience, Brandon Burgess of I Am Moment Productions will capture your personality and create beautiful photos and a stunning video of your special day. He is a very professional and talented photographer and videographer, using at least two cameras at a time. Doing so ensures that the brides and grooms he works for will receive more striking and compelling viewpoints in their wedding photos and video.
Josh and Bryna, had their wedding at the Rough & Ready Vineyards last year, hired I Am Moment Productions to be their wedding videographer. You can read about Josh and Bryna’s adventure-themed wedding on our blog, and watch the wedding highlight video that Brandon created here:

When asked how he came up with the name I Am Moment Productions, Brandon replied, “The name derived from my dancer’s name. I used to breakdance with a fusion of ballet, hip hop, and break dancers. ‘Moment’ was my break dancer’s name, and so when weddings became my full-time work, I saw it only fitting to call it I am Moment.”
He laughed and shared that he doesn’t often tell brides because they want him to dance, and he would feel silly since he hasn’t done so in ten years.
Brandon started his career when he captured his cousin’s wedding as a favor. He had so much fun he was hooked and found more weddings to film. Brandon became so popular that he was fully booked by his second year.
He loves what he does, and it shows. Brandon shares, “After hundreds of weddings, I can still say relationships are everything, and it’s a gift to be a part of so many amazing moments.”
To date, I Am Moment Productions has captured over 100 weddings. Brandon loves seeing couples celebrate even when the day doesn’t go perfectly. With his vast experience, Brandon is ready for anything.
Brandon Burgess of I Am Moment ProductionsBrandon remembers one particular day when it was raining extremely hard in the middle of July at an outdoor wedding venue. This random fluke caused them to build a small tent that barely fit the wedding party and guests. Everyone laughed as the wind pushed each bridal party member, and their umbrellas would pull them. Often they had to ditch the umbrellas because they wouldn’t close as they entered the tent to walk down the tiny aisle. Brandon had to wipe his lens every two minutes because of the mist. Even through all that, he captured the day. The bride and groom couldn’t stop smiling with excitement as the party went on.
Brandon recommends that couples have fun and be sure you enjoy the personality of the photographer and videographer because they are with you all day. He says to make sure you like them as much as the photos and videos in their portfolio.
Brandon is an artist who sees his craft as ever-evolving. While he went to school in Germany for film and photography, he feels his years of worldwide experience fuel his creative and professional style. He has filmed weddings, youth outreaches, real-life TV episodes, cooking shows, and even music videos.
Take a look at I Am Moment’s portfolio and give Brandon a call at 913-300-6317 to schedule a time to meet.

Business Details:

Owner: Brandon Burgess
Instagram: @iammoment
YouTube channel:

Mardie Caldwell

Written by Mardie Caldwell

Mardie has been a successful businesswoman since 1981. The Rough & Ready Vineyards was created out of Mardie’s desire to contribute to the community. Mardie’s vision to serve the community is rooted in her love of Nevada County, and it provided her with the opportunity to revitalize an old Ranch property into a breathtaking wedding venue.

Her innovative mind and commitment to environmental accountability contribute in a positive way to our community and the surrounding area. With the Rough & Ready Vineyards, Mardie seeks to create the best wedding experience for our clients and their guests, creating memories that will last for generations.

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