We want a farm wedding venue but will there be work going on during my wedding?


farm showing horses on backgroundMany brides seek our Rough & Ready Vineyards for their wedding because they really want that farm wedding venue feel. They want more than just outdoors, they want the vineyards and our organic family farm. They want to see the livestock in the pastures. And they want that red barn backdrop, which is definitely a farm venue feel!

On our 16 acres, we will not be actively engaging in any farm activity the day of your wedding. No one will be picking the grapes, working in the vineyard, tilling the soil in the garden, or mowing the lawns. Our staff will be there for you completely, and everyone onsite will be focused on making your wedding day memorable for both you and your loved ones!

In Nevada County, there is a “right to farm,” which means that anywhere in the county, residents on agriculture property can farm the agricultural land in a way that is consistent with farm standards. As neighbors, we understand that. Our couples that seek to get married here understand that as well because with the farm venue, comes the farm operations.

When you tour Rough & Ready Vineyards, you will be able to see where our wedding and reception grounds are in comparison to our neighbors. It is rare that we see or hear them at all. Our neighbors are respectful, but they do have the right to farm their property as they choose. You may hear equipment or see their animals, but again, that is one of the things that makes a farm wedding venue so special – it truly is a working agriculture area!

Most couples choose a late afternoon ceremony with an evening reception, and as you can imagine, most of the work on the farm is done by then. In fact, we commonly see our neighbors early in the morning, especially during the warmer summer and fall months.


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