Are there special things we should provide to our guests?

Or tell them about?

some of the special things to provide to your guests are plenty of water and non alcoholic beverages to keep guests hydrated at your receptionDepending on the date you’ve chosen for your wedding, there may be certain things you wish to provide to your guests to help make them more comfortable.

Fans are something we often see offered on the way in. They can be customized paper fans with a wooden handle or a more fun style that you may find on Pinterest. Sitting up near our gazebo can be a bit warm because it is not fully shaded. The good news is that they aren’t there long – just for the ceremony. A fan can help keep them cool or swat at the occasional fly.

Water is vital! Providing plenty of bottled water and other beverages is very important. Between the warmth of the sun, dancing, and drinking, keeping hydrated is very important. Plenty of ice is important also to get those drinks good and chilled!

Food seems like an easy idea, but we’ve found that at outdoor venues, many couples skip the cocktail hour bites since it seems like dinner will be shortly after the ceremony is completed. In theory, that’s perfect, but in reality, it’s not always the case. If you are planning photos after the ceremony, be thoughtful and have a few snacks available. Even a big bowl of pretzels and a fruit platter is plenty to give them something to munch on while they have that glass of wine.

Sunscreen and bug spray are two things you may want to have a few bottles of just in case. Typically, we don’t see too many mosquitoes but now and then, a new hatch may suddenly appear. Setting a few bottles on a table for people to use as needed is thoughtful and, if needed, very appreciated!

Flashlights after the sun goes down are always a good idea. If someone loses an earring or feels they need extra light to walk safely to their car, having a flashlight available can be a lifesaver!

As you share your wedding location with your guests, there are a few things you want to be sure they know in advance.

Flat shoes make walking around in our lawns and other areas much easier! Sure, they may not be the most stylish, but they will definitely make walking (and dancing!) easier on uneven surfaces. We want you and your guests to be safe, and while we work hard to keep everything as level and even as we can, it is a natural environment.

Children must be supervised at all times. Rough & Ready Vineyards is a large property, and while you have use of our venue grounds and other areas for your ceremony and reception, there are areas that are not suitable for children. We have all the winery farm equipment as well as other vehicles and tools at different locations. Our fences are not meant for climbing on, and, in undeveloped dry areas, you may encounter snakes or other wildlife.

Smoking is only allowed in the marked, designated smoking area. We live in an area with high fire danger and are extra cautious about any fire. We only allow flameless candles, battery or LED and prohibit sparklers. We will have a clearly marked smoking area for your guests.

We want your wedding day to be special and memorable, so provide these tips to ensure that you and your guests can safely enjoy our beautiful winery venue!


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