Vendor Video Tour

We are so very excited to have the opportunity to work with you as a vendor at our venue Rough & Ready Vineyards and would love to share with you some of our highlighted areas where you will be throughout the event. We have included information on spaces for the ceremony, reception, and photographs.

A few special notes….


DJ’s will need separate set-ups for ceremony and reception. We do have power at both locations however you will need to provide extension cords of at least 100 feet long. We highly recommend a battery-operated system for the ceremony as it lends itself to many more staging options. All speakers must face the south and pass our soundcheck of no more than 65 decibels at property’s edge. Please note that sub-woofers are not allowed. We highly suggest bringing pop-up canopies to use for over your equipment to protect from the elements.


Caterers will have a separate space that is close to the reception and food service station for your prep area and bussing station. We will provide tables, however please bring pop-up canopies if you need shade or protection from the elements. This service space is on concrete, so it is easy to clean with a nearby hose. We strongly recommend bringing jack stands, bussing trays and wheeled carts for easy transport of dishes, food, and service items. We are an all-outdoor venue and do not have indoor space or access to water for your food service needs. We cannot accommodate power for fridges, ovens, stoves or other cooking appliances. Please bring all food cooked and ready to serve or gas powered grills and BBQ’s if preparing food onsite. All caterers are also responsible for bussing tables throughout cocktail hour, dinner service, and dessert.

Specialty Vendors

For mobile bars, photo bus, food trucks, ice cream trucks and any others needing to serve from a truck or trailer, we have a designated space that is accessed from guests by a bridge to the area you will be serving from. Enter by driving down the driveway and making a left turn after the vineyard fence and park your truck or trailer near the bridge. Please note there is no power available in this area and you will need to bring a generator for use. It gets very dark at night so please be sure your service area is well lit for the guests. Once your service is complete and you are ready to depart, you can drive out the same entrance without disturbing the reception or guests.

Photographers & Videographers

We are on 16 acres and there is a lot of ground to cover! Some ideal locations for photos are in the Heritage Oak Trees surrounding the ceremony area, tall wooden fences (one by ceremony and one by the barn), Red Barn Guesthouse, Vintage Farm equipment, Wooden Cross near parking lot, white country fence lining the driveway, custom footbridge, white pergola in vineyards and amongst the vineyard vines. Our neighbors have horses, and if they are out in the pasture next door, that is another option. If the couple is staying onsite in the Guesthouse you are welcome to take photos of them getting ready as well.

We will send out an electronic Vendor Protocol form prior to the event with more details. Please submit your proof of insurance to us no later than two weeks prior to the event. We welcome all vendors to come and visit with the couples who have hired them at our Open House events.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to text us at 530-432-7375. We look forward to working with you!

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