Do you have an indoor barn to rent for our wedding?


Barn is the perfect backdrop to the refreshment table set up at an outdoor wedding receptionMany couples choose us because while we don’t have a barn to rent for the wedding, our large red and white guesthouse provides the barn wedding backdrop that they are looking for.

All of our weddings are outdoors, both the ceremony and reception, with the option of booking our guesthouse that sleeps 16. In fact, most couples choose to rent it for the weekend to use as a central location for their wedding weekend. It is easy to do a wedding rehearsal and visit a nearby brewery or restaurant for the rehearsal dinner afterward. It also ensures that the important people are not late to the wedding!

Barns can definitely provide a romantic, rustic wedding feel. At Rough & Ready Vineyards, our barn-style guesthouse provides the same feel with some definite advantages. First of all, we are fully outdoors. Some of the most desired barn venues have challenges that couples don’t expect, primarily airflow. They are typically not air-conditioned and many times, during the reception, the couple realizes that many of their guests are gathering outside the barn simply because it is too hot indoors. Our reception grounds are all shaded by our heritage oaks and we often have a light breeze blowing too.

Another consideration if you are looking to rent an indoor barn for your wedding is “the flip” that is required between the ceremony and reception. It takes time (and people!) to turn the indoor barn from a ceremony set-up to be ready for your sit down reception. At Rough & Ready Vineyards, most of our couples get married in a separate area from the reception, so there is no awkward “flip” time when you have to get everyone to move. Guests can comfortably go from the ceremony to find their seat at the reception right away.

Finally, is purely availability. Nevada County wedding barns are very few, if any. Most local brides looking for a barn to rent for a wedding tour our venue and share that there are few nearby. Wedding barns also aren’t as flexible either, simply by their size. A small barn has limitations, and a large barn can’t be made smaller. Our ceremony and reception grounds are easily customized for a party of 50 to 100 or more!

Please call, email, or schedule a free tour with our venue staff and learn how you can have a Nevada County barn venue wedding for your special day!


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