I want my wedding to feel like it’s at an intimate wedding venue.

We’ve worked with many couples looking for an intimate wedding venue in Nevada County.

couple kiss near barn in an intimate wedding settingThe truth is that what is an intimate wedding venue for one, may not feel the same for another. So let’s dig in a little deeper to what you are hoping for when you say “intimate” in regards to your wedding site.

Yes, we can help you set your ceremony up in an area of our property that feels more close-in and less open. We have had weddings under certain oak trees and in the vineyard, depending on a couples’ desire. The vineyard has space for much smaller ceremonies, and because it is truly a producing vineyard, many couples prefer to use it for photos rather than hold the wedding ceremony there. However, we would love to show you the possibilities of an intimate vineyard wedding!

The bridge can provide an intimate setting as well, with guests seated on both sides of it, and each partner coming up from either side to meet in the middle for the ceremony. It feels very close and sweet, and quite meaningful as well. The bridal party can stand in pre-determined places (the bridge is too small to accommodate everyone!) that can help with the intimate feel. This is a set up that can be very meaningful, especially in ceremonies that incorporate significance in other ways.

We’ve hosted some intimate wedding ceremonies at our marble gazebo that have been non-traditional in the set-up to lend to a close and more personal feel. One in particular comes from setting chairs around the gazebo itself, so there is no side, just one aisle in. This gets family and friends closer to the ceremony and provides a real feeling of love and community because all guests are sitting “in the round”. This set-up also lends itself to spectacular ceremony photos because the photographer can hover all around the ceremony without worry of blocking anyone’s view.

For couples who truly want a smaller space, we also have a rustic wedding arch near the reception grounds that can be another location for an intimate wedding ceremony. The arch is lovely as it is, but can be personalized with décor coordinating with your theme. This can provide a more intimate feel and keeps the ceremony near the reception. This is a popular option for couples having a more private ceremony with just family or a few friends, with a reception starting later in the evening for a larger group.

There are many options at Rough and Ready Vineyards for your intimate wedding and we can’t wait to show you!


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