Are we able to provide our own alcohol?

Yes! You can bring your own beer, wine, hard cider, sparkling wine and ingredients for a signature drink.

pouring champagne getting ready for toastAll of our packages include a bartender to ensure safe serving practices are followed and no one is over-served. Our bartender will also ensure minors are provided with non-alcoholic options. As a winery venue, this is an important aspect of our safety procedures.

We ask that you deliver all alcohol and any mixers the day before your wedding, so we can ensure proper refrigeration so that all your beverages are the perfect temperature. If you choose to provide your own glassware or plastic glasses, they will need to be delivered the day before also.

We typically set up bar service from our rustic barrel bar. It makes for a fun look and definitely fits right into a winery wedding venue!

If you’ve chosen to bring your own non-alcoholic beverages, please be sure you bring plenty of water. Summer days here are warm, that’s what makes our grapes happy! Between your ceremony, dinner, dancing, and drinking, we all need to ensure your guests are well hydrated! You will need to bring all beverages in containers – this includes water, sodas, juice boxes, and anything else except what will be served at the bar. You will need to bring ice to chill your beverages too.

If you’ve chosen for us to provide your non-alcoholic beverages, then you can relax and leave it all to us!

What about wine – do we have to purchase your wine?

At this time, our wine is not available for sale to the public just yet. We hope to offer it soon to guests and wedding parties alike. But currently, you are free to bring any wine you choose.

Do you have a tasting room?

No, at this time we are not operating a tasting room. We hope to offer our private estate wine soon but at this time, it is not available to the public.

Can we bring kegs?

Yes, you may bring beer in kegs, but you must also bring the kegerator, ice, and CO2 or nitrogen. We do not serve beer or wine to the public so we do not have these things on hand. Our bartenders can set the bar service up for you, but you will need to provide everything.