We are looking at wedding venues in the mountains.

Are you close to Lake Tahoe and Truckee?

beautiful Sierra Foothills setting at Rough and Ready Vineyards wedding venueWhile Nevada County stretches all the way to include Truckee, from our wedding venue in Rough & Ready, we are about an hour away.

Another 30 minutes past Truckee is the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. Our elevation is about 1900 feet, so technically we are in the Foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and boy do we love our foothill location!

Here just outside of Penn Valley on Highway 20, we are situated in a stunning valley, surrounded by heritage oaks and tall, stately pine trees. Our elevation is high enough above the Sacramento Valley that we get a cooling breeze most evenings and are not bothered by fog in the fall. We are also low enough that the thunderheads you often hear about building in the summertime near Truckee or Tahoe and causing thunderstorms aren’t a problem – and neither is snow! In fact, it is very rare for us to see a rainy day once the temperatures warm up.

Both Grass Valley and Nevada City, within about 20 minutes by car, offer many of the things travelers expect to find in the higher mountain towns. Hiking abounds here in the Gold Country, as does golf, disc golf, mountain biking, horseback riding, backpacking, camping, and water sports. In fact, from Rough & Ready Vineyards, there are six lakes with boating and public access less than 45 minutes away! And for those looking for more tame activities, our quaint shopping districts, wineries, breweries, and restaurants rival any Northern California offerings.

For those creating a destination wedding weekend, our guesthouse features a beauty parlor and massage table. Some bridal parties have brought in a masseuse and nail technician, along with a catered spa-style lunch for a staycation feel in the guesthouse. Others have brought boats and spent a day in the sun at Englebright, Collins, or Scotts Flat lakes.

So while we aren’t truly “in the big mountains” as they say, Western Nevada County is a beautiful Gold Country foothill location that makes a stunning backdrop for any couple desiring to get out of the valley and have an outdoor wedding and reception. There is plenty of lodging and best of all, we are just an hour away from Truckee and Lake Tahoe, as well as Sacramento and Chico! It’s truly the best of both worlds. 


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