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Kayla photographs a bride and groom at the Rough and Ready Vineyards

Tiffany Tullgren

September 28, 2021

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When choosing a photographer to capture your special day, you want somebody with the style you like and the personality to add to your day. Kayla Ashton Webb from Ashton Imagery is a talented and enthusiastic photographer who will provide amazing photos and lots of fun on your wedding day. I recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Kayla about her photography business, and here’s what I learned!

Who is Ashton Imagery?

Hi friends, I am Kayla Ashton Webb. I love Jesus, my smoking hot hubby, my crazy coconut of a daughter, and wedding photography. I enjoy trips to the ocean, parting my hair on the side, wearing skinny ripped jeans, diet Dr. Pepper and tacos. I am passionate about people finding the loves of their lives!

Photo of flowers by Ashton Imagery

Photo by Ashton Imagery

How did you get your start with wedding photography?

It takes time to get things up and running but just putting yourself out there and saying yes to opportunities can throw you into a world of magic where you get to choose what you love to do, and we found weddings to be one of them!

What are the top 3 accomplishments which make you the proudest?

We had the privilege of going on-location to a destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas. Also, I’m proud to have been featured in major wedding magazines.
But the accomplishment that I’m most proud of is building a business that continues to give back to my family, friends, and community. That means the world to me! Photography isn’t just a job to me. I truly love being a wedding photographer!

What is the most interesting thing that ever happened at a wedding you worked on?

I am not sure it classifies as interesting, but one thing that I love is working with clients who trust us. We end up becoming friends with them!
I have been able to help a bride put on jewelry, shoes, veil, and even clasp her dress. Those experiences have a lot of weight to me, and I am grateful to do what I do. Every wedding is different and offers us opportunities that most people don’t get to have.

When you are not at a wedding or event on any given Saturday, what would you most likely be doing?

When we are not shooting a wedding, you will find us editing, hanging out with our little human (Scarlett, she’s 4), or at the ocean. If we get a chance to be at the coast, we take it!

Describe yourself as a wedding and event professional in 5 words or less…

Professional, Personable, Quality, Dance Machine

Where has Ashton Imagery’s wedding photography been published?

RealWeddings Magazine, both in print and online.

Bride tossing her wedding bouquet to the unmarried wedding guests

Photo by Ashton Imagery

If you could tell engaged couples everywhere one thing, what would it be?

Invest into these professionals: Wedding planner, photographer, videographer, and DJ.
They work together to give you a seamless day so you can get the most out of your wedding experience, including money. Having someone to time out events means that you can get all the photos you want, not lose people after the cake is served, and keep the party going!

Please dish about what will be important at your own wedding or event…

Lonnie and I got hitched in 2016. We really wanted photos that not only showcased our day but also reflected us. We believe in investing in those memories and hope to renew our vows one day and do it all over again!

What is your professional background? Do you attend workshops to improve your craft?

We are a part of many different groups but have learned a lot from fellow photographers, online courses, and the age-old “hands-on” method.
Make sure the magic of your special day is captured in the best view by one of the finest photographers in our region. Contact Kayla today!

Ashton Photography Business Details:

Owner: Kayla Ashton Webb
Instagram: @AshtonImageryPhotography
The Knot:
Wedding Wire:

Tiffany Tullgren

Written by Tiffany Tullgren

As Venue Manager for the Rough & Ready Vineyards, Tiffany has a genuine love and passion for planning and organizing weddings. She shares, “Being able to create memories that will last a lifetime for you and your guests is so rewarding. I enjoy making your dream wedding day come true!” Tiffany specializes in personalizing wedding services for each client and handling stressful event situations with grace.

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