How We Make Wedding Planning Easy

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Tiffany Tullgren

June 13, 2023

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Couples often say we make wedding planning easy at Rough & Ready Vineyards. From transparent wedding packages to our Something Borrowed Barn, we understand what you need and can provide our venue and services in an easy-to-understand format with no hidden fees or service charges.

Our wedding package includes many items you will need for your Big Day as well as set-up and clean-up of many details. For example, we include and set up tables and chairs for your wedding ceremony and reception. We even include and set up a dance floor for you and your guests to enjoy the great song choices from your chosen professional DJ!

Are you unsure if you want to spend part of your wedding budget on décor? That’s alright, as we have thousands of items to choose from in our Something Borrowed Barn. Your wedding style can be uniquely yours with the items you choose to combine and use to decorate the venue space.

Private Open Houses for Booked Couples

Please take advantage of our Booked Couple’s Open Houses, where you can see the Something Borrowed Barn items you chose during your planning process. We invite you to work on your décor with the sample tables we’ll have assembled. In addition, our private Open Houses for our booked couples are offered to be a time to use as your own.

At the Booked Couple’s Open House, you can:

  • Take engagement photos with your photographer.
  • Work on your sample tables for your reception.
  • Show the property to your wedding party or family members.
  • Meet with your chosen vendors.
  • …and even practice your wedding ceremony!

We reserve exclusive time just for our booked couples, so you have the venue space to work on all your wedding day details.

Online Resources

To help with your wedding planning details, we use an online platform that will help guide you through the steps needed when working on the venue details. We have sample timelines and floor plans for you to use as you design your customized feel for your wedding.

This online portal is a space for all of your wedding planning needs. You can keep all your contracts, photos, and details in one place to access them from anywhere easily. We’re available to collaborate with you on this platform and ensure your wedding day details are as you envisioned!

Having a community with others experiencing the same things as you are currently is beneficial. That’s why we have created an online Facebook group for all our past and current couples getting married here at Rough & Ready Vineyards. The group is a place where you can ask for suggestions and support as you plan your wedding. You can also congratulate others as they are planning their wedding too!

In-Person Support on Your Special Day

At Rough & Ready Vineyards, we always have team members with you on your wedding day and are here for you and your guests to enjoy celebrating.

We will have a team member, also known as a “Venue Host,” on the venue grounds the entire day to help with all the behind-the-scenes needs. She will help you navigate the day with your vendors and their specific needs and questions. You can also count on our team to set up and clean up all your tables, chairs, bar area, and the venue throughout the day.

If you’re a couple that would like more hands-on guidance and support during the planning and day of your wedding, we’ve got that covered, too! We will provide one-on-one planning sessions along with a private wedding ceremony rehearsal when you add our “Day of Coordinator” services for your wedding.

A Day of Coordinator can streamline all the details with you. In addition, we communicate and coordinate with all your vendors for each activity throughout the day. You can relax and enjoy your special day while we work behind the scenes to ensure we achieve all you want to experience.

Choosing Your Wedding Vendors

Every engaged couple has a budget unique to their wedding and what they envision. That’s why we make it easy for you, as you can choose your team of wedding vendors, such as your photographer, DJ, and caterer.

We maintain a great list of vendors we love, made up of professionals we’ve had the opportunity to work with or have had a great conversation with. Using this list, you can begin your search for vendors by having access to professionals we’ve already vetted and know.

You can customize your wedding day with your vendors, including your caterer, desserts, DJ, photographer, and any other experiences you want your guests to enjoy. You may have seen a photo bus, coffee truck, cotton candy station, or ice cream truck on wedding Pinterest boards and want to replicate it for your wedding. The sky is your limit for what you want to provide and what you want to experience on your wedding day!

Our wedding package even includes bartending service; you get to choose and bring your drinks (including beer, wine, seltzers, and champagne). This customization allows you to work on your reception bar beverages well before your wedding. It also helps you stay within your budget!

The bar is another area of your wedding where you can customize your choices to suit your guests and your wedding best. You have the opportunity to choose beverages that will complement your food choices. It can be a lot of fun to customize your favorite drinks!

Stay On-site in the Guesthouse

The option to stay in our guesthouse provides many benefits. When staying in the guesthouse, you will arrive the day before the wedding and check out the day after. Doing so can avoid the typical wedding-day stress of rushing to your wedding site. You’ll have plenty of time to get ready with your bridesmaids and groomsmen. The guesthouse is large enough to provide space for both the bride and her bridesmaids and the groom and his groomsmen to get ready in separate areas.

The benefits of staying in the guesthouse include:

  • Ability to pack everything into your car and travel to your wedding site prior to the big day
  • More time to decorate the ceremony and reception spaces
  • Taking pre-wedding photos with your photographer
  • More opportunities to enjoy each moment and spend quality time with your wedding guests

There are so many details that go into wedding planning. At Rough & Ready Vineyards, we encourage all our couples to take full advantage of all we offer. Let us help you with your wedding planning and on your wedding day!

Our website provides a wealth of information, including:

Tiffany Tullgren

Written by Tiffany Tullgren

As Venue Manager for the Rough & Ready Vineyards, Tiffany has a genuine love and passion for planning and organizing weddings. She shares, “Being able to create memories that will last a lifetime for you and your guests is so rewarding. I enjoy making your dream wedding day come true!” Tiffany specializes in personalizing wedding services for each client and handling stressful event situations with grace.

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