How to Pick Wedding Flowers for Your Budget & Theme

A bride holding her bejeweled wedding bouquet

Mardie Caldwell

April 6, 2021

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When it’s time to plan your wedding, there are a lot of decisions to be made. One important part of your wedding is the flowers. They can help in creating the ambiance you desire. Many brides aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to finding and identifying what they like, so I wanted to provide some essential tips!
Begin by doing your research. Look online at florist’s websites in your area to find a florist with the imagination and creativity you are seeking. Ask friends and family if they have been to a wedding where the flowers caught their eye. Once you know which florists you would like to interview, prepare.
Four bridesmaids and the bride pose with their summer wedding bouquets

Know Your Color and Style

Planning and preparing for a wedding takes a lot of time and energy. You don’t want to waste either, so make sure you know your color scheme and what “look” you want to achieve.
Are you planning an outdoor, shabby chic look, a formal evening setting, colorful spring, or a minimalist ambiance? If you have not decided on your wedding colors and style, meeting with the florist will be in vain.

How to Determine Color and Style

Deciding your wedding’s style may be the most challenging part of the planning of your wedding. There are endless options. Take into consideration your venue, season, time of day, along with your personal preferences.
You may have an idea in your head, but when you start looking at wedding magazines or wedding pictures online, some other style or color might catch your eye. Once you have nailed down your wedding theme, you can move on to finding the vendors to make your dreams come true.
One of our favorite florists, Rachel Eakins from Art in Bloom Flowers, recommends brides “gather photos to help describe her style and design. Pinterest is a great tool.”
Wedding bouquet of white roses mixed with other florals

Meeting with a Florist

Get the most out of your meeting with the florist by being prepared. For color, bring fabric swatches of the bridesmaid dresses, your lipstick shade, or any other visual of the color theme you would like. Just explaining that you want red, violet, or blue is not enough for a florist to go on as there are many shades of each. Your idea of a deep red may be different than the florist’s idea of a deep red.
Bring pictures of the venue for your ceremony and reception. These photos will be of great help to the florist if they are not familiar with your wedding location.
Next, provide pictures of wedding themes that are similar to what you would like. Don’t ask for or expect an exact copy. First, every setting is different, and you want your floral arrangement to be unique. You want to give the florist the direction you are going in. Your florist should be able to provide you with creative and artistic ideas.
Bring a picture of your wedding dress if possible. The color and style are essential; is it cream, white, or another color? Does your dress have a colored sash or other color detail? Is it a ball gown type dress or an elegant column dress? These details are important and will give the florist a great idea of your style. It is also necessary for designing your bouquet.
If you have any particular bouquets, corsages, or other floral arrangements you like the look of, bring some pictures, then be open to the florist’s ideas on making them unique to your wedding style.

Create Your Floral Budget

Creating and sticking to your budget is not the most exciting part of planning your wedding, but it is crucial. You can use a wedding planning budgeter to help you with this. Make a list of all the areas you feel need flower arrangements and all the people who will need bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, or flower hair accessories.
Remember when planning your wedding party and creating your guest list that the number of people will affect your floral budget: more bridesmaids, more bouquets, more guests, more centerpieces.
Now, decide what is most important to you.
Is there a particular flower you want, or are you open to suggestions? Flowers that are in season will be cheaper than specialty flowers that are not. Decide if it is more important to you to have an abundance of flowers or to have a specific floral look.
Repurpose your flowers by using flowers from the ceremony at your reception. Bridesmaid bouquets can become centerpieces or decorate other tables such as the dessert table or guest book table.
Work with your florist to get creative and accomplish what you need to within your budget. By prioritizing your wishes, your florist will be able to work within your budget and create the floral look you want to accomplish.
Bride and groom in the background, bouquet of sun flowers in the foreground

Day of Your Wedding

On the day of the wedding, Rachel from Art in Bloom Flowers has a couple of helpful hints for the day of your wedding.
During the wedding, when taking photos, hold the bouquets at different angles. Ensure the bouquets are not placed in the sun or near a heater to stay as fresh as possible.
Rachel also advocates for the repurposing of flowers, and she provides glass vases with European hand-tied bouquets, so they also remain fresh throughout the day.

Read and Sign an Agreement

Having a miscommunication with a vendor on your wedding day can cause a hiccup on your special day. For your sake and the sake of your florist, make sure you have a signed contract outlining what is expected in detail. This contract will ensure that you are both on the same page and that there will be no unfulfilled expectations.

Mardie Caldwell

Written by Mardie Caldwell

Mardie has been a successful businesswoman since 1981. The Rough & Ready Vineyards was created out of Mardie’s desire to contribute to the community. Mardie’s vision to serve the community is rooted in her love of Nevada County, and it provided her with the opportunity to revitalize an old Ranch property into a breathtaking wedding venue.

Her innovative mind and commitment to environmental accountability contribute in a positive way to our community and the surrounding area. With the Rough & Ready Vineyards, Mardie seeks to create the best wedding experience for our clients and their guests, creating memories that will last for generations.

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