The Best Wedding Hashtag Ideas, and How to Make Your Own

A wedding guest takes a photo of the bride, groom, and friends. Photo by Wild Love + Wanderlust Photography

Mardie Caldwell

February 7, 2023

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Creating your wedding hashtag can be an exciting part of your wedding preparations. Your hashtag is not only a super fun slogan to solidify your relationship, but it also serves a very practical purpose when it comes to social media and sharing memories from your big day.
Your wedding photographer can’t possibly capture every moment of your special day. However, your guests can easily fill in the gaps via social media. Using a wedding hashtag, guests can post photos on Instagram, Facebook, and other sites and serve as a kind of personal paparazzi!
Some say wedding hashtags are “over,” but they are a great way to organize your special wedding day memories online. As long as social media and hashtags are still around, wedding hashtags will still be a clever and effective way to organize your wedding day photos. “Hashtags allow you to be able to see your wedding photos in real-time. We’re living in an era of instant gratification,” says Jeffra Trumpower, the creative director at WeddingWire.
Typically, some of your wedding guests will post their favorite pics to Instagram from the day, and we’re sure you’d like to see them all! This also gives you something to hold you over until your professional photographer finishes editing the images they captured on your big day.
Many brides-to-be need help trying to come up with unique wedding hashtag ideas. If this sounds like you, keep reading to get inspired by the most creative wedding hashtags. We’ll also share the top 8 tips for establishing your very own wedding hashtag!

Wedding Hashtag Ideas

The hashtag you choose for your wedding hashtag doesn’t need to be insanely witty. Are you hoping for a simple hashtag idea that’s functional and to the point?
Start by checking out these templates for an easy hashtag you can work from to create your own. Then, just insert your name and your fiance’s name (or your future last name!), and you’re set:
1. #JohnsonWedding2024
2. #JohnsonPartyof2
3. #MeetTheJohnsons
4. #HappilyEverJohnson
5. #JohnsonsSaysIDo
6. #ChrisAndKatieGetHitched
7. #MrAndMrsJohnson
8. #ChrisAndKatieTieTheKnot
9. #JohnsonSquared
10. #ChrisAndKatieSealTheDeal
11. #Allen2Johnson
12. #CheersToTheJohnsons
We’ve seen many creative, funny, and sweet hashtags at real Rough & Ready Vineyards weddings. Some couples choose to use a pop culture reference, inside joke, rhyme, or pun for their wedding hashtag or combine some aspect of their names.
The father of the bride films the first dance. Photo by Ashton Imagery

How to Make Your Wedding Hashtag

Learn how to make the best wedding hashtag by following these seven easy steps:

Step 1: Begin with your names

Start with the basics. Try using your first names and last name, as well as your nickname, as your starting point. Remember that adorable name your friends gave the two of you in college that stuck for some reason? Your wedding may be the time you’ll want to embrace it. More guests will use your wedding hashtag if it’s something cutesy and easy to remember.

Step 2: Try using numbers

To set your wedding hashtag apart from the others, you might try using the year or date of your wedding. This step is especially helpful if you can’t come up with anything quirky or don’t have any nicknames that stand out. For example, there might be tons of #ChrisAndKatie in the world, but you’ll probably be the only #ChrisAndKatie62024.

Step 3: Play with words

Since this is a part of your wedding planning you can really have fun with, try wordplay. For a wedding hashtag that’s clever and memorable, look for rhymes, alliterations, synonyms, and puns.
If you and your fiance are entirely stumped, ask a particularly witty friend or relative for help with a punny hashtag. You can also request ideas from wedding vendors, like your photographer, wedding planner, or caterer.
Or, try a wedding hashtag generator like the ones offered by WeddingWire and Wedding Hashers. These tools have you fill out basic info like your names and wedding date and generate wedding hashtag ideas for you!

Step 4: Avoid misspellings

Make sure to review your wedding hashtag to see if there are ways it could be misspelled by your guests (particularly when the drinks start being served).
You may want to move words around if there are two of the same letters in different words next to each other. Or, you might shorten longer last names for simplicity. It could be as simple as adjusting #SaraAndMatt to #MattAndSara to avoid a hazardous double “a.”

Step 5: Capitalize each word

Capitalizing the first letter of every word will make your hashtag more readable at a glance. It allows your wedding guests to see where each word begins and ends easily. Plus, capitalization will make it more likely that everyone gets your pun or joke. But no matter how you capitalize your wedding hashtag, it will still work the same on Instagram.

Step 6: Check for duplicates

Before you print your hashtag on those save-the-dates, do a quick check on Instagram. You’ll want to see if there’s already been something tagged with it. If there have been, see how many photos used that hashtag.
If it’s just a handful of photos that don’t seem wedding-related, go ahead and use it. But if someone else’s wedding used the same hashtag, make a small adjustment to avoid getting the photos mixed up. You might try switching a letter to a number or choosing a different rhyme.
You don’t want to compete with someone else’s wedding hashtag or have to sift through a ton of other people’s photos!

Step 7: Get the word out

After you’ve chosen your wedding hashtag and checked for duplicates, it’s time to spread the word. Get an early start by telling your wedding party, listing it on your save-the-date, and mentioning it on your wedding website.
You should also have reminders at your wedding in case guests forget. We suggest making a cute sign that matches your décor, adding the info to your ceremony program, or putting it on simple tent cards at each table. Other ideas include your guest book, a welcome chalkboard, cocktail napkins, dinner menus, or near your photo booth props.
Consider including your Instagram name too. That way, just in case your guests don’t follow you, they can easily find you and tag you in pictures.
Just like that, all the pictures Instagrammed at your wedding will be in one place! Did you use a hashtag at your wedding? Please share it with us in the comments!

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on July 11, 2017, and has since been updated. 

Mardie Caldwell

Written by Mardie Caldwell

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Her innovative mind and commitment to environmental accountability contribute in a positive way to our community and the surrounding area. With the Rough & Ready Vineyards, Mardie seeks to create the best wedding experience for our clients and their guests, creating memories that will last for generations.

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