Fresh Wedding Ideas for a Stunning Spring Celebration

A bride and groom walking back down the aisle after their spring wedding ceremony. Photo by Katelyn Bradley Photography

Tiffany Tullgren

March 21, 2023

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Spring is the season of romance, flowers, and new beginnings, so what better time could there be for a wedding? It is that time when the days are getting longer, brighter, and warmer. People are feeling positive, happy, and renewed. It is a time to celebrate the beauty emerging around you.
Spring is a cheerful, colorful season that runs from March 20th to June 21st and is when all the beautiful flowers, such as daffodils and tulips, show their beautiful petals. The average temperature for spring in our area is 74°. The days tend to be full of sun with occasional light showers.
An outdoor spring wedding will give you countless opportunities to incorporate the natural beauty of your surroundings. Take inspiration from nature from start to finish as you plan your wedding. With the vibrant colors and blooming flowers that come after the cold winter months, it’s easy to see why so many couples get married during this season.
A bride walks with her bridesmaids who are wearing blush pink for her spring wedding. Photo by Ashton Imagery

Wedding Colors

Spring goes hand-in-hand with a pastel color palette for weddings. Lavenders, pinks, and corals, with a background of greens, are commonly used. However, feel free to take charge of your colors and let your personality shine through.
For instance, if you are generally drawn to deep jewel tones, enhance your soft-toned arrangements with deep burgundy or emerald accents. A pop of color will add interest and make the look uniquely you.
Consider your favorite colors and incorporate them into a spring look. Take advantage of trending color palettes online and view florist sites such as You will be sure to find a look that captures your imagination.
Invite to Abigail and Dalton's spring wedding surrounded by her shoe, his hat, a white rose, and eucalyptus branch. Photo by Katelyn Bradley Photography


Between holidays like Passover and Easter and Mother’s Day and other seasonal events like graduations, your guest’s spring calendars might quickly fill up with commitments. You’ll want to choose the date of your wedding carefully to avoid major conflicts. It’s also wise to send out save-the-dates as soon as you can.
Your wedding invitations will set the tone for your wedding day. Set the scene for a springtime celebration with stationery that reflects the season, whether that’s through pastel colors or floral motifs.
When choosing your wedding invites, let your personality shine through. Are you playful, bold, traditional, whimsical, earthy, or romantic? The Knot has some great examples of invitations that celebrate spring while showcasing your personalities as a couple.
You may want some floral accents to celebrate spring, or perhaps you use spring colors instead. Consider giving your guests an idea of what your wedding day will look like with your invitation design.
Bridal party in spring attire. Photo by Katelyn Bradley Photography

Wedding Attire

Spring inspires many options when choosing the attire for your wedding party. From whimsical floral prints, floaty chiffons, and silky ruffles, the possibilities are endless for your bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses. Some fun trends are having your bridesmaids in different shades of the same color or choosing pantsuits as an option.
For your bridal hair, there’s no better time of year than spring to add some blooms. There are a variety of ways to include flowers in your look, whether it be wearing a flower crown, adding flowers to your braid, or sporting an intricate floral tiara. If you’re wanting a more understated look, choose hair clips or pins.
For the groom and groomsmen, consider lighter-weight fabrics in lighter shades. Instead of the black tux, perhaps consider a shade of grey, blue, or tan tuxedo. You may desire a casual look and choose a suit with or without a tie.
You want to look your best on your special day, but you will also want to be comfortable. Keep this in mind when choosing the wedding dress, groom’s attire, and selected outfits for bridesmaids and groomsmen.
Roses in a springtime palette decorate an archway and wine barrels. Photo by Ashton Imagery

Flowers & Décor

You’ve chosen your colors; now it’s time to plan your flowers and décor. First, check with your venue coordinator to get an idea of the flowers, trees, and plants that will be in bloom at your wedding. Will those yellow daffodils be in full bloom? Will tulips be standing up proud and colorful?
Incorporating your venue’s beautiful, natural backdrop will save you money and enhance your wedding day. One of the biggest bonuses of having a spring wedding is that there are so many blooms to choose from. For fresh, lush bouquets, centerpieces, and floral décor, work with in-season flowers.
Consult with your local florist on how to best marry your arrangements with nature. For your ceremony exit, consider having a flower or petal toss. It’s fun, photographs nicely, and is far more sustainable than rice or confetti.
The next step is planning your décor, which will set the tone for your wedding. At Rough and Ready Vineyards, we can help you find just the look with items from our Something Borrowed Barn. Are you into sparkle, or is rustic more your style? Perhaps a little bohemian, or may you prefer formal. Whatever your style, we’ve got you covered!
If you don’t like the idea of lots of colors, try adding subtle pastel colors to your decor. Try pastel linens with neutral florals or vice versa. You could also keep your linens and flowers neutral and incorporate color into your bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen accessories.
Typically, our couples gravitate towards lighter, flowy material, floral arbors, clear or light-colored display pieces, and colorful flowers and garlands for spring weddings. Our wedding coordinator will work with you to design the look that best represents you as a couple.
Dessert Table photo by Katelyn Bradley Photography

Wedding Cake

Spring calls out for a beautiful wedding cake with plentiful fresh flowers. The design options can be as ornate or simple as you like. If you prefer a more casual option, cupcakes can be a fun alternative for your wedding.
Cake and cupcake flavors have come a long way. For spring, consider bright citrus and floral flavors, or you can choose to go a little more savory such as lemon-sage or rosemary-grapefruit.
Ask your baker to be creative and then enjoy your tasting. Don’t be afraid to surprise your guests with a flavor they may never have tried.


When planning your spring wedding menu, keep in mind what is in season. Think light and fresh to match the joy of spring.
Spring is a lovely time for a wedding brunch as an alternative to a formal dinner. For either choice, you may want to consider lighter proteins such as fish, lamb, or chicken in place of beef.
For vegetables, peas, asparagus, and carrots are fresh, and apricots, cherries, and melons are all ready for picking in spring. Work with your caterer to design a light and sumptuous menu that your guests will be delighted by.
Close up photo of succulents as wedding favors. Photo by Ashton Imagery

Wedding Favors

For your wedding favors, try taking inspiration from the flowers in your wedding bouquet and gift personalized seed packets to your guests. They will be able to fondly remember your wedding as these flowers bloom in their garden.
If you like the idea of sending home a favor that will grow but want something more unusual, consider an olive or pine tree seedling that already has roots and is ready to plant.
A small colorful cellophane bag with edible flower cookies is another popular option. You can make these ahead of time and package them yourself or order from your local bakery.
Lollipops are also a charming idea. Blooming lollipops come in flavors such as strawberry-basil, lavender-lemongrass, and lemon-thyme, to name a few. Not only are they fun and delicious, but you can also plant the stick and grow a plant when you are done with the lollipop.

Signature Cocktail

When creating your signature cocktail, select garnishes that are the embodiment of spring. Your garnish might be a delicate, edible flower or a fruit that’s in season, such as mandarins or strawberries. Serving fresh cocktails with these subtle details is the perfect way to tie in the season in a small yet noticeable way.
If you hire a mobile bar, you can work with them to design a cocktail unique to your wedding. Spring comes with a variety of refreshing flavors to look to for inspiration, such as lemon, cucumber, strawberry, rhubarb, and lavender. It also gives you the opportunity to serve up gorgeous cocktails with lively garnishes that embrace the season. For example, you could add hibiscus, peonies, lavender, and cherry blossoms, to name a few.
Wedding guests play cornhole. Photo by Athena Kalindi Photography

Activities & Games

On a sunny spring wedding day, lawn games make an entertaining addition to your cocktail hour. Your wedding is a celebration, so adding a little action is always a good idea.
Having games and activities available is a great way to encourage interaction between your guests on your big day. Maybe you want activities that can serve as a sort of “icebreaker” so your friends and family can get to know their tablemates. Or you might just want a few games and activities to keep kids busy while their parents visit with other guests and enjoy themselves on the dance floor.
When booking your wedding at the Rough & Ready Vineyards, your wedding package includes the use of fun and unique lawn games on your special day. We have a custom-made cornhole set, which is everyone’s all-time favorite. You can also use our one-of-a-kind giant Jenga set. Kids and adults alike love this strategic game in its normal size, so they’ll definitely get a kick out of our super-sized version.
However you decide to bring some fun to your big day, these activities will have your guests saying, “Best wedding ever!” when they depart.
Wedding party holding parasols, photo by Darling Photography

Prepare for Spring Weather

“April showers bring May flowers” is a common saying. Spring, like every other season, can be unpredictable when it comes to weather. The key is to be prepared.
A spring wedding has so many positives. The beauty of nature comes alive in the spring and is magnificent and romantic. It is a time of new beginnings, and those longer days of sunshine make everyone happy.
Springtime is usually not too hot and not too cold. It can throw in a curve ball occasionally, though, so keep an eye on the weather report and be flexible.
Spring comes with plenty of joys, but unfortunately, it comes with a few annoyances, too. If a spring shower is in the forecast, consider renting a tent. You should also have some umbrellas on hand for your guests. Some couples choose to go colorful with an assortment of colors, while others opt for clear umbrellas. On the plus side, cloud coverage creates great lighting for portraits!
Wind may be a factor as well. Consider this when choosing a hairstyle. For example, you may want to wear your hair long and flowing, but if it is windy, this may create an issue with your hair blowing in your face.
Many people experience seasonal allergies during the spring. Consider offering souvenir handkerchiefs to help keep symptoms of seasonal allergies at bay. On the other hand, you may have some heat. In this case, consider some fans or parasols for your guests and ensure plenty of water to stay hydrated. Other thoughtful supplies for guests include sunscreen, bug spray, or anything else specific to your event that’ll help them celebrate worry-free.
A groom and bride link arms during their spring wedding ceremony. Photo by Ashton Imagery

Embrace Spring

Spring is an exceptional time for nuptials. In springtime, you can enjoy warmer weather, longer days, and beautiful blooms. This season also brings a restored sense of romance and happiness following the winter months, making it a perfect time to get married.
The most important thing to do for your spring wedding is to enjoy it. Enjoy all the positives, such as the blooming flowers, the green lawns, and the love in the air.
Find the positive if the weather isn’t exactly as you would like. A beautiful, soft rain can be romantic and fun. A breezy day can bring on the giggles. Your wedding day will be unique, and you will always remember it. So smile and enjoy all that comes your way!

Spring is a whimsical wanderer, blooming beauty along her path.
-Angie Weiland Crosby

Tiffany Tullgren

Written by Tiffany Tullgren

As Venue Manager for the Rough & Ready Vineyards, Tiffany has a genuine love and passion for planning and organizing weddings. She shares, “Being able to create memories that will last a lifetime for you and your guests is so rewarding. I enjoy making your dream wedding day come true!” Tiffany specializes in personalizing wedding services for each client and handling stressful event situations with grace.

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